Our Story: The Evolution of Floor23 Group

The Seeds of Innovation: Floor23 Digital

Our story is not one of sudden beginnings but of evolution. The genesis of Floor23 Group can be traced back to the launch of Floor23 Digital. While not the first venture we embarked upon, it was the catalyst that sparked the creation of the group. 

Born from a blend of ambition and experience, Floor23 Digital emerged as a startup in the talent and innovation space, marking our entry into the world of collective business ownership. This venture was a turning point, setting the stage for the birth of Floor23 Group.

Our Team in Numbers

We work around the globe, bringing our heads, hearts, minds and brilliance…yes, brilliance to the work we do.


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Set of Values

20 +

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Expanding Through Life's Lessons: Milorah Property Group

As we journeyed through the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, life’s experiences unveiled new opportunities. 

This led to the birth of Milorah Property Group, inspired by the natural beauty of the Northwoods of Wisconsin. What began as an acquisition of land evolved into a thriving arm of the group, offering idyllic retreats and enriching the hospitality space.

Unfolding Opportunities: The Birth of Floor23 Group

With each venture, our vision expanded, and soon, other businesses began to come to life. 

Each business sparked by unique life experiences and opportunities. This organic growth led to the formation of Floor23 Group, a diversified conglomerate with a mission to make a lasting impact on our communities and stakeholders.


Guided by Visionary Leadership: Candace Spears

Leading this ambitious journey is Candace Spears, the driving force behind our success. 

Candace, a serial entrepreneur and author, brought her extensive experience from teaching Agile mindset and Lean Startup principles in giants like GE to nurturing the growth of Floor23 Digital. Her ability to identify and cultivate potential has been pivotal in shaping the direction of Floor23 Group.

A Purpose-Driven Mission

A Purpose-Driven Mission

Create spaces where people can thrive.

Candace’s life mission extends beyond business success and so does Floor23 Group; it is about creating spaces where people can thrive, be it through economic opportunities, healthcare, hospitality, or everyday services. Her goal is to unlock the potential for freedom in time, talent, and identity, a principle that she lives out passionately through each Floor23 Group venture.


The Journey Continues

Today, Floor23 Group is more than a collection of companies.

It is a symbol of resilience, innovation, and the power of harnessing life’s experiences for greater good. As we continue to grow and embrace new challenges, our focus remains steadfast – to build businesses that not only succeed but also contribute meaningfully to the tapestry of life.

Welcome to Floor23 Group

where we turn opportunities into realities, challenges into innovations, and businesses into communities.